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Our law firm strongly believes that we have a duty to be good citizens and to help strengthen and improve our community. We do a substantial amount of pro-bono work for good causes, and serve on the boards of non-profit organizations.


Warren is the founder and chairman of the Public Trust and John serves as the organization's Executive Director and General Counsel. The Public Trust invokes the law to protect the waters, trees, and conservation lands of Northeast Florida. Environmental threats to Northeast Florida’s special places often require immediate action. The Public Trust has a proven track record of rapidly and effectively responding to protect our waters, conservation lands, and trees, using education, community action, targeted advocacy, and litigation if necessary. Our Board of Directors, composed entirely of trial lawyers, and staff are known for our judicious approach to conservation advocacy while being fully aware of economic concerns. The Public Trust seeks creative yet feasible solutions to challenging environmental problems. When confronted with these problems in the public or private sector, we invoke the law to prompt environmental stewardship- which will actually benefit Florida’s economy in the long run. For more information see:

Warren K. Anderson, Jr. wins the Charles E. Bennett Champion of the Environment Award!


This is the Jacksonville Environmental Protection Board's HIGHEST award, and much deserved.

Past winners of the award include: Congressman Charles Bennett. Walt Bussells - JEA, Neil Armingeon - St Johns Riverkeeper, Linda Bremer - Sierra Club, Dr. Todd Stack - EPB, Robert Schuster - EPB, Mark Middlebrook - Preservation Project, Mayor John Delaney, State Senator John Thrasher, Barbara Broward - EPB, Richard Macguire - EPB


John November recalls the day it all clicked together; that day when, bombarded by the infinite choices of youth, he set off on the path to leave the Earth better than he found it. After graduating from high school in 2002, the Atlantic Beach native was treated to a boat ride on the St. Johns River and after jumping off the side of the boat to cool off, his fellow passengers admonished him. You can’t swim in the St. Johns River! Those in the boat were crying foul, referring to the tainted water and the sordid history of polluters past. The incident was a call to action, but November didn’t yet know how to answer it. He’d soon get a chance, though ...

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Warren is a Life Member of the Sierra Club, served as President of the Northeast Florida chapter for many years, and is the past recipient of the statewide Sierra "Panther Award" for his legal work on behalf of the state's environment. Warren has also been a board member of the Timucuan Parks Foundation since 1999.



John is the co-founder, general counsel, and chairman of COAST (the Coastal Ocean Association of Science and Technology). COAST's mission is to use scientific research and education to protect our oceans, coastal waters, rivers, and estuaries. Water quality is the most important and urgent challenge for Florida’s future, and meeting this challenge requires hard scientific evidence to inform policy. COAST is continuing to compile and assess critical data with the goal of mitigating harmful algal blooms in all of Florida’s waters, including Florida Bay, Biscayne Bay, and the Florida Keys. For more information visit: CoastEcology.Org.