You were stopped at a light, you had your seatbelt on, you were not on your cell phone.  All of a sudden you heard the sound of breaks squealing and you look in your rear-view mirror.  You instinctively tense up and brace for impact, then it happens.

You have been in a car crash, what do you do now?

We know this can be a scary and confusing time, so we have prepared this list of what to do in case of a crash, in the hopes that you can be as prepared as possible if this ever happens to you.

  1. Call the police/ambulance. It is critical to get professionals to the scene as quickly as possible. When they arrive, tell them what happened, and tell the truth. To the police, tell them what you remember. To the ambulance, tell them if you feel pain anywhere. Oftentimes an injured person is feeling the rush of adrenaline after a crash, and may not register pain right away. Take an inventory of yourself and tell the rescue crew what you feel.

  2. If possible, take photographs. Visible damage to each vehicle is not always obvious, but that does not mean the impact was not violent. If you cannot take photographs because you are injured, ask someone to take them for you. Photographs of each side of the car may prove invaluable later. Photographs of the road, particularly of skid marks, or debris, can help prove the speed and direction of the other car. Photographs of immediate cuts, abrasions, or bruising will help prove the significance of your injuries.

  3. Re-assess your injuries. If you are not taken to the hospital in an ambulance, or do not seek some sort of medical care right away, continue to re-assess how you are feeling the day after and the next several days. If you feel you need medical care, get it. It is crucial to start documenting your symptoms as quickly as possible, and medical records are the best way to do that. Again, be honest with your providers, do not minimize or exaggerate your symptoms. This is your chance to get the help you need.

  4. Call an attorney. We hope you call our firm, but even if not, please call an attorney. You will probably receive calls from the various insurance companies involved with 24-48 hours of the crash, and it is important to have someone help you navigate that process as it can be overwhelming and confusing. In addition, most people do not feel comfortable telling a stranger over the phone that they are in pain, so you need someone who will stand up for you. That is where an attorney comes in. We will handle all of these calls for you, sit right next to you as you answer their questions, and explain any offers that are made.

  5. Keep records. Police reports, photographs, insurance cards, medical records, bills. All of these documents are going to be important in your case, so when in doubt, keep them. When you call our office we will ask you to bring everything with you, and if you have it all together in one place we will be able to move that much faster for you.

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